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At Cregital, we’ve been able to work with a diverse set of clients, some great, some difficult and some not really sure what great design should look like. Part of our vision is to make great design accessible to all people. We want to reprogram how people see design and keep placing emphasis on the importance of design to brand perception. It’s no easy fit, but we are ambitious.


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I think Evans is phenomenal in that he truly leads with vision. If there’s anything he has emphasized in the past few months it’s that: We are not making enough mistakes, we are not failing enough. Like Mark Zuckerberg says – We need to move fast and break things. By this, he means that we are not doing enough. We are wasting too much time overthinking the process and not bringing enough of these ideas to life.

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We stopped overthinking and started doing. We went ahead to rebrand UBA without waiting to be told. We are in the process of launching several exciting products in the coming months because there’s no time to sit around overanalyzing if the market will be receptive or not. We just go ahead and do it. Some will work and some will fail, but there’s always a lesson to be learnt and we will be better for it.

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I was doing my rounds on design blogs and I came across a Black Friday sale on one of them. I was a bit skeptical to show Evans because I thought he’d laugh it off. I personally didn’t think too much about it. I showed him, he was quiet for about 15 secs (If you know Evans, that’s a longgg time) he then jumped off his chair and began scribbling on the board as fast as his hand could move. In 45 minutes, we had a web layout sketch, our products down, discussed payment integration and were hell-bent on making this work. This is how Cregital Deals was born. All this happened a week to Black Friday.

We have managed to get InterSwitch integrated in 3 days when it typically takes at least 2 weeks. Thanks to our web dev lead Rufus. Instead of being offered during peak sale periods, Cregital Deals has evolved to being a year round project with different design deals being offered at any point in time although, for a limited time only.

I’m particularly excited about this because we have created this with good intentions. We started this so as many people as possible on a budget could have access to great design; not because our services are really priced that low, but because it’s our way of giving back. I personally know it’s the kind of deal I’d rush for. I hope you support us and if no product interests you, please send in your feedback because we would love suggestions on how to serve you better. Alright, go on, snag those deals before they’re all gone!

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