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2015: The Year in Review

2015: The Year in Review
December 22, 2015 Nneka Ngene

We launched Cregital

Cregital Launched on the 20th April 2015. A little over 8 months old, it’s great to look back and see progress; to look back and know what you do matters. In the space of 8 months, so much growth has occurred, so many lessons have been learned and we are better for it.


We struggled to build a team

Initially, it was just I & Evans in the office everyday. We had Rufus our web developer working remotely. It’s safe to say that hiring in Nigeria is really hard. Employers complain that there are few qualified applicants, job seekers complain that there are no jobs. Thankfully, we hired Precious our first Graphic Designer right in time for the official launch.

Cregital Design Agency Team 04

We then resorted to hiring interns and training them to support on large projects as well as manage smaller ones. This proved to be a great driving force in our increased productivity. The good guys at Stutern were incredibly helpful in making this happen.

Cregital Design Agency Team 02

We were on the news: Offline & Online

Evans with his wealth of experience, doesn’t put himself out there much. His feature on Punch newspaper was an in-depth look into where he’s come from: starting at Jumia, moving to Konga, freelancing while at both companies and then birthing Cregital. He shared the successes and challenges of being a digital designer/entrepreneur especially here in Nigeria.


In his bold declaration of his fearlessness towards failure, he explains that, “people don’t really fail, they only learn. It’s either you win or you learn.” We were also interviewed by Techpoint, and were asked a few questions regarding our work, culture and where we see Cregital in a few years. Yes, we also won an award from Awwwards for our website design.


We remembered to have fun

Creative work is very draining, which is quite contrary to what a lot of people think. We tried to make it a point to regularly take a break by playing monopoly, scrabble, taking pictures or watching a movie. You should totally read about our Family Photo Day.

Cregital Design Agency Team 09

We also capped the end of the work year by having our “Christmas party” at Get Arena and Takwa Bay.

get arena go karting

takwa bay boat ride

team cregital christmas party

takwa bay

We became overpopulated

From a team of two in the office full time, to a team of about 11. More than half of them being interns, we’re glad to have dedicated people on board. In the words of Evans, “we need population control for 2016, we can’t hire more than we can manage.”

Cregital Design Agency Team 03

We ate together

This is the public service announcement for all those who are hungry to get ready for a trip to Commint Bukka for lunch. Funny thing is, a lot of those trips of the seriously hungry returning to the office overfed resulted in them struggling to stay awake to complete their work *side eye to Evans and Parklins*. Other times we stayed in the office ordered pizza and took photos of it to show off on the gram.

Pizza, anyone? #TGIF #teamcregital #cregitalstories #dominoes

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We broke a few things

Being a relatively small/lesser known company is no excuse to not dream big or do big things. With a commitment to conceptualize and execute without overthinking the process, we were able to push ourselves even to our own surprise. We audaciously rebranded UBA without being told, created several products (soon to be revealed) and launched Cregital Deals.


We remain a family and we keep the dream alive

It’s finally December, which also means that a lot of our interns are heading back to school 🙁
With everyone that has come to work at Cregital, we made sure that they were a right fit for the company. This has allowed us to build a team of down to earth and loving people.

cregital day at takwa bay

It’s truthfully been a wonderful year and even despite the many challenges: slow internet, challenging clients & wondering if we can make enough revenue to pay the bills, then dreams that are so big that they sometimes scare you and keep you up at night. All in all, we press on.

Thank you for following and supporting us. We wish you a wonderful Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

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