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Cheers to 2016!

Cheers to 2016!
December 21, 2016 Evans Akanno

2016, like every year, yielded its fair share of ups and down but still it was a good one. Here are the major highlights.

Awards & Recognitions

2016 came with a number of notable recognitions, nominations, and awards. We were recognized as Design Company of the Year by The West African Regional Magazine. We also received an award as Best Website Development Company of the Year by the Nigeria Technology Awards.

However, the climax of this was Evans being awarded Creative Professional of The Year by The Future Awards Africa. We couldn’t even contain our excitement when we got to know he was a nominee, talk more of being the winner of the category. With less than two years of being in existence, we are super proud of ourselves.


We increased and decreased in number

It’s always our pleasure to welcome people into the family. We had quite a number of new full-time staff, as well as interns join the team. In fact this year, we had our first kid intern.

It was also sad seeing some people go after getting used to each other.


We got a bigger office space

This was definitely a necessity because not only were we increasing in number, but we actualized more professional services which required as much space as possible.

More popular brands joined our clientele

We have always prided ourselves in not only elevating young brands, but also collaborating with existing popular brands. This year again, we made it. We got to work with Zenith Bank and Arla Dano, just to name a few.

Cregital 1st anniversary

We celebrated our 1st birthday in April 20th. It actually feels like we’ve been in this since like forever but honestly, it’s been a long time coming and we couldn’t be more grateful. It wasn’t so much of a big celebration event. Clients called, a few friends came around, and there was also some media coverage.


Cregital Academy

We were very excited to finally achieve Academy after several months of planning. It was a beta program and we have made plans to restructure the learning arm.

Making Moments Together

We thoroughly enjoy ourselves every time we are together whether in the office, at team outings, even over our group chat from our different homes. Each moment is cherished. Then we had friends who always came around to make every moment extra special.


Thank You

We’re grateful for the opportunity to have elevated over 40 brands and contributed in nurturing young creative individuals. We are most excited about many more years of investing and supporting young brands and also collaborating with bigger ones. We look forward to receiving more well-deserved recognition and accolades; having new team members; adding more touches of professionalism in our services. We also look forward to supporting and empowering young talents, which is somehow our core social responsibility. And finally, having fun together. Can we ever forget to do that?


Check out our year review fact page.

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