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The Art and Craft of Brand Identity Design

The Art and Craft of Brand Identity Design
June 23, 2016 Yeside Garrick

The final session of the Graphics Design Workshop with Evans Akanno titled “The Art and Craft of Brand Identity Design” was a success as participants were given thorough lectures on the basics of design in the branding process. The first session was on Guidelines to Achieving Clean Good Designs

Art and Craft of Brand Identity Design Graphic Design Workship by The Future Project Fourth Canvas--Cregital-4

He started by defining the concepts of Branding, Logos and Brand Identities;

“Branding is the visual representation and perception of a company; the elements that define the image, ethos, and tone of a company and its products or services”.

“Logos are the core identifiable visual elements that help a customer discover or remember a company’s brand.

“Brand identity refers to the various visual elements that are all connected by style guidelines to ensure consistency in a company’s image.”

Evans explained the five logo styles; symbol/icon, wordmark, lettermark, combination mark, and emblem were clearly explained, as well as the five principles of effective logo design; simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate.

Art and Craft of Brand Identity Design Graphic Design Workship by The Future Project Fourth Canvas--Cregital-2

He further explained the rules guiding brand identity concepts which are:

[easy-tweet tweet=”Font should match the business of the brand it represents.” user=”cregital” usehashtags=”no” url=”https://cregital.com/art-craft-brand-identity-design/”]

[easy-tweet tweet=”Colours used should help define brands and distinguish them from others.” user=”cregital”usehashtags=”no” url=”https://cregital.com/art-craft-brand-identity-design/]

[easy-tweet tweet=”Symbols used to represent a brand must be strong and memorable.” user=”cregital”usehashtags=”no” url=”https://cregital.com/art-craft-brand-identity-design/]

Art and Craft of Brand Identity Design Graphic Design Workship by The Future Project Fourth Canvas--Cregital-3

[easy-tweet tweet=”Brand collateral should be consistent across the various printed products to create a solid identity.” user=”cregital”usehashtags=”no” url=”https://cregital.com/art-craft-brand-identity-design/]

[easy-tweet tweet=”The brand guide must describe, define and present examples of what your brand looks like in print and web.” user=”cregital”usehashtags=”no” url=”https://cregital.com/art-craft-brand-identity-design/]

Due to some inconveniences at the main event centre, we generously offered our office for the lectures to take place. Click on the download button below to get the Brand Identity training manual. Do you have any other guidelines that have helped you in branding feel free to share with us in the comment section.


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