Guidelines to Achieving Clean and Good Designs

Guidelines to Achieving Clean Good Designs
June 21, 2016 Yeside Garrick

The Future Enterprise Support Scheme in partnership with FourthCanvas organised “YES/WOW” a 5-day Graphics Design Workshop. The CEO and Creative Director of Cregital, Evans Akanno was invited to deliver a lecture on the Guidelines to Achieving Clean and Good Designs.

Evans Akanno lecture at Graphic Design Workship by The Future Project - Fourth Canvas - 02

First of all what makes a design good?

A good design is one which is visually pleasing and does what it is intended to do. Click to Tweet

He highlighted the six principles of design:

  1. Balance: The weight distributed in the design by the placement of your elements. Balance ensures that your design has stability and structure.
  2. Proximity: This refers to the nearness of one element to the other. It ensures that they should be visually connected in a way that aids communication.
  3. Alignment: This refers to the positioning between and among the elements to ensure that they create a visual connection.
  4. Repetition: It creates consistency and association. Repetition puts emphasis on design elements to grab the attention of the reader.
  5. Contrast: This ensures that one object is distinguishable from the other. It is used to make elements stand out and grab attention
  6. Space: It is the active and visible distance or area between and around, above, and below or within the elements which reduces the clutter of the elements

Evans Akanno lecture at Graphic Design Workship by The Future Project - Fourth Canvas - 04

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The guidelines for creating good designs.

Brand colors are important Click to Tweet

Text should not obstruct any element in the design. Click to Tweet

Good design usually has no more than two fonts Click to Tweet

Let your design breathe by allowing enough white space. Click to Tweet

Great designs are very detailed. Click to Tweet

Evans Akanno lecture at Graphic Design Workship by The Future Project - Fourth Canvas - 01

Good design looks like it was designed this year Click to Tweet

Get inspiration, observe and do Click to Tweet

Colour contrasts should be easy on the eyes. Click to Tweet

Use a grid to align design elements. Click to Tweet

Design for the intended audience Click to Tweet

He concluded by taking design, web development and other related questions from the audience and spent some time highlighting how helpful an Apple computer is for every designer. What do you think of the guidelines, if you have more to add please do so in the comments.



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