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Cregital Wins Website Development Company of 2016

Cregital Wins Website Development Company of 2016
November 30, 2016 Tunde Kabir Mason

Yaay! We won! I know we’re supposed to act like we were expecting and be all cool and dapper but still… WE WON!!! In the month of October, we were nominated by Nigeria Technology Awards for the coveted prize of “Best Website Development Company of The Year”! This was a huge deal for us as we are a small agency with really, big dreams.

Of course, once we got off from the ceiling, we visited the site to go see who our competition was. Although we noticed that a few other agencies we expected to see where missing from the nominee roll call, we noticed at least one or two agencies who could give us a run for our money.

We shared the nomination news with our fans on social media and our clients and the feedback was positive.

It’s always a great feeling to hear positive feedback from clients and fans. After this, all we could do was wait for the award ceremony to know for sure if we would be walking away with the award. We did not sit on our hands in the meantime, we continued doing what got us nominated in the first place; fulfilling our clients’ digital goals.



Over the weekend, we attended the Nigeria Technology Awards dinner and the moment of truth came. “And this year’s award for the Best Website Development Company of 2016 goes to… CREGITAL DESIGN AGENCY”. The hall erupted in a wild applause (actually their clapping was very polite as they tried to act nonplussed when we raced for the stage).


But all jokes apart, we couldn’t have done without our clients who gave us the opportunity to serve them and shine. We also send a special shout out to our Facebook and Twitter fans who LIKE and SHARE our content every day. We are thankful for the great people that make up Team Cregital; all those sleepless nights and endless cups of coffee are finally paying off!


We also want to thank the organizers of the Nigeria Technology Awards for putting together this celebration of talent in Nigerian tech space. Here’s to many more successful editions, grease to your elbows… and awards on our shelf.

To celebrate our win, we (finally) did our own #mannequinchallenge. Enjoy!

P.S.:  There’s a longer version of it on our facebook page.



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