In less than two years of Cregital’s existence, our Founder and Creative Director, Evans Akanno has made noteworthy achievements in the tech and creative space in Nigeria.
On 25th February this year, he received a Certificate of Recognition for his Contributions to The Nigerian Technology Space by Y!Naija. Also, in October, Cregital was awarded Best Website Development Company of the Year by the Nigeria Technology Awards by which he leads the team.
Evans added another feather to his cap when he received yet another award, this time around from a widely recognized awarding body. What Forbes describes as the most important awards for outstanding young Africans. We’re referring to The Future Awards Africa. Evans was awarded Creative Professional of the Year.
Evans is an advocate of knowledge sharing and collaboration. Most of his work at the agency involves him teaching and mentoring creative people – helping them harness their talent and shaping their career path to become successful professionals.

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One cannot escape facing challenges of some sort on this journey of running a startup company, especially in Nigeria. But despite the very many challenges, he has jumped the hurdles and excelled. With limited knowledge about the demands of being an entrepreneur, he has had to study the essentials of running and sustaining a business as well as creating the values of knowledge buy ativan xanax valium sharing and a brand that puts its people first.

At @cregital, we don’t really consider any creative agency company in Nigeria as competition. We set ourselves apart by being a new breed of creative agency which puts its people first, is technology driven, and with smart young people who deliver exceptionally. Also, with 200 million people in Nigeria alone, we say the sky is big enough for all kinds of birds to fly. The real competition is within. We are constantly competing with our past to deliver an exceptional future experience for our clients and invest in human capacity development.

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Apart from the obvious impact he has made in the industry and also for clients, Evans has greatly impacted the Cregital team by creating an enabling environment to discover, harness and express their talents. This is in line with his vision which is to nurture young creative people and work with them to elevate the brand perception of new and existing companies.
In his words, “the win is a big deal not just for me but for the entire Cregital family (the team and our clients). It is a huge pat on the back for all of us that we are doing something right”.
We have enjoyed every bit of working with you, and we celebrate you, Evans. Continue shaping the future.