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Few weeks ago, Ikechukwu Ekemah from Urban View magazine paid us a visit at the office. Apparently, their Person of Interest that week was our very own Evans Akanno. Just like the interview on TechPoint and Punch, he wanted him to tell the story about his journey and transition from being a Design Freelancer to becoming an Entrepreneur.


He came to carry out an interview to know more about Cregital, our team, culture, values and also Evans’ work-life balance. We can’t forget the compliment we received about our office space. In his words, it had an appearance which reminded them of an artist’s canvas ready for some artful loving. This was so because anyone that visited could feel the air of creativity as soon as they walked in.

What is your entrepreneurship drive, they asked. According to Evans, if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. His major drive pink generic klonopin about being an entrepreneur is the urge to create a casual and welcoming environment where creativity is challenged and supported, because unemployment ranks in the top five challenges that Nigeria is facing.

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Asked about if from his perception, he thinks he has arrived based on the level of success he has attained. Well according to him, “I’m not sure there’s a time when any entrepreneur would say they have arrived. It is usually a continuous process of building and improving”.

About his work life balance, he lives a balanced life to an extent since the environment at Cregital is a work-play one. Then also, he spends some hours with his family in the evenings and on the weekends he finds time to hang out with friends.

Don’t think we will give you the full details about the brief visit. Catch the complete interview here.