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Making Smart Impressions – Techpoint

Making Smart Impressions – Techpoint
August 27, 2015 Evans Akanno

What exactly is design? A bright logo? A neatly customized WordPress theme? Eye-catching UI or a great photo? For Cregital, design is much more than any of the above. It is a state of mind. It is a lifestyle, the very essence of what they do. – Techpoint.

Cregital Design Agency Team 05

We were recently interviewed by Techpoint, and were asked a few questions regarding our work, culture and where we see Cregital in a few years.

Cregital Design Agency Team 03

You probably know that Cregital was founded by Evans Akanno an ex Jumia and Konga digital design and marketing guru. Cregital (pronounced ‘cray-gital’, origin, Creative Digital) is a budding digital design firm specializing in Web Design, Branding and Digital Marketing. The company looks to change the way the average Nigerian feels about design. It is very important for brands to keep making smart impressions.

Cregital Design Agency Team 07 Evans Akanno

Based on Akanno’s experience working for both Jumia and Konga, here are his opinions on work and recruitment.

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Cregital Design Agency Team 06

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Cregital Design Agency Team 08

At Cregital, long work hours (a typical day stretches from 8am to 6pm) are often punctuated with inside jokes, poking fun at horrible websites, YouTube binge-watching sessions, a game of monopoly, or even something as random as group photos at the stadium.

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Read the full article here

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