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My Experience at Cregital – Joy Esin

My Experience at Cregital – Joy Esin
September 11, 2015 Nneka Ngene

Joy Esin interned with us for about 2 months; she was in charge of scheduling and managing content for Zegist Magazine (owned by Cregital).

Working at Cregital was truly an experience of a lifetime! This was the first job I ever had and when I got there, the only thought I had in my head was, ‘I am about to do actual work, in an actual office with an actual salary.’ and honestly I was terrified. When I met Evans, my first impression was, ‘Oh! The mean boss, great!’ He wasn’t exactly the nicest person that day; he didn’t even mind the fact that I was new. It was just straight to work for everybody; and Nneka, I liked Nneka before I met her, the first time I met her she welcomed me with a smile on her face, unlike Evans! I like you now though, Evans 😉


I have learnt so much here. How every little detail is more important to your business than you think; how branding really is a key aspect in the success of any business, and thanks to Evans and Nneka, my idea of marketing is not what it was when I got here. Also, thanks to my experience here I think it’s safe to say I’m better at crafting worth publishing, considering the fact that the only time I wrote was for English exam in secondary school. At first, I thought my job would have no relation to my course of study but being here and observing things I realized that they are actually kind of connected, because while working on Zegist Magazine I realized gaining traffic basically involved adopting marketing strategies and studying human behaviour.


Most of all, Cregital has taught me the importance of family. I am so thankful to have been a part of the Cregital family, to have finally met people who believe that you don’t have to be uptight to be brilliant. That you don’t need a suit and tie for people to realize how bad ass you are at your job.

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Even though Cregital is the only company I have ever worked for, I still believe this is the best place to work, because I don’t think any company can be this cool! Thank you for showing me so much love and making me a part of your family, and also thank you for making me realize how much I love marketing. I pray that Cregital and Zegist grow into something bigger than what Evans ever imagined it would be. You are all so brilliant and work so hard, you deserve to be successful.


P.S: I hope you guys are employing next summer! I’ve been trying to convince myself that school was important and you people have just made it harder for me!

Yours Truly,
Joy Esin (Face of Cregital)

Thank you for working so well with us, Joy and of course, we will love to have you back anytime you’re free.

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