“People don’t really fail, they only learn.”

Started at Jumia, moved on to Konga, freelanced for a while and finally, Cregital Design Agency was born. If you ever wondered what makes Evans Akanno tick then you’re in luck. He was recently interviewed by Tobi Aworinder of Punch Newspaper where he discussed in depth, the journey he has taken to get to here and what the road ahead looks like.

When asked how his love for creative design began, he admitted that,

“I spent a lot of time writing my name in different fonts and painting pictures in various colours. Looking back, I would say in a lot of ways, curiosity led me to design, my love for it has kept me there.”

His thoughts on failure and entrepreneurship,

[easy-tweet tweet=”People don’t really fail they only learn. It’s either you win or you learn” user=”evansakanno” usehashtags=”no” url=”https://cregital.com/not-afraid-of-faliure/”]

[easy-tweet tweet=”Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle; you don’t quit. You only start new companies” user=”evansakanno” usehashtags=”no” url=”https://cregital.com/not-afraid-of-faliure/”]

His goals for the brand,

“My hope is that we create a brand that resonates with people. The kind of confidence and trust we want to establish is such that a client just says do your thing, we trust you. We want to be the go-to agency for all things digital design and branding.

The whole interview can be found in Sunday’s Punch 21st June 2014 or online: