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Why You Are Not Recruited

Why You Are Not Recruited
February 8, 2017 Yeside Garrick

Have you ever submitted an application and not received feedback? This is probably why;

This article does not address the entire recruiting process. It only explains how a person’s application should represent him/her before the recruitment team/HR person. This also covers necessary pointers on how to tailor the content of your cover letter, your résumé and other relevant documents you may need to send to an organization.

People tend to forget that their application is the first impression to a potential employer before physical contact. A minimal decision is usually made when your application is received which can either make or mar your chances.

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Here are simple basic rules for sending an application

  • Most applicants name their file “myCV”. In a case where there are multiple CVs in the database, your file can get lost in the system. A proper way to save it is by saving it with your name. For example “Job Role-Full Name”. This way it is easily picked out from the lot.
  • Never ever forward an email of the same application to different organizations. They will all eventually see the history on the mail thread and no one will call you.
  • “Dear HR, I was asked to send my CV by Mr. James” or, “The CEO said I should send my CV. This is it”. This is where people miss it. The fact that you were asked or referred by someone does not mean you should send a CV without a cover letter or something about the position you wish to fill.
  • What role are you applying for? Even if you’re on a different career path and looking to switch, always explain or specify this. There is a way you can sell the idea which might just make sense, and who knows, you might just be able to fit in somewhere in the organization.

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  • Ensure you attach the right document as your CV. Not everyone is nice enough to tell you to attach the right file and resend your application. Always double check before you send.
  • How well do you know the organization? I believe that a good cover letter goes beyond a brief introduction about yourself and stating your achievements.
  • State what it is you think might be a problem that you can provide solutions to. This shows that you did your research and it is evident of your interest.
  • A simple and straight forward résumé is key. Always put relevant information first. This will get the attention of the HR personnel. Always keep in mind that your CV is the first point of contact between you and your potential employer.

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  • If you have a portfolio, kindly attach the document in your application or include a link where all you work is compiled and easily accessible. No one has the time to start typing and searching for you on social media when there’s a pile of applicants to sift through!That being said, here are tips on how to create an awesome résumé to get you hired.

Abide by these rules and with a little bit of luck, you’ll be on your way to beat the odds.


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