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ARK by Cregital

ARK by Cregital

Giving back to the community by sharing happiness.

Branding · UI / UX Design · Web Development


The Challenge

Cregital, a development and design agency needed to halt office activities for the year (2018) extraordinarily. The conclusion was to commit a part of the company’s revenue for the year into giving back to the community. In a society where humans have to work extra hours and strive to survive, it was a meaningful idea to dedicate a day to put smiles on the faces of random people. We took upon ourselves the challenge of ‘easing’ for a day the struggles of random people by spreading kindness in both monetary and non-monetary forms. Essentially, a project that would impact a large number of people within specific hours and locations on a particular day.


Why we found the outreach necessary

• Most Nigerians are hustlers; they work mornings till late evenings to survive.

• It is assumed that humans seem to have lost their spark for humanity due to the survival of the fittest spirit.

These insights led us to come up with the idea of ARK. We concluded that we needed to share happiness and put smiles on people’s faces without expecting anything back or making them have to earn it.


Our way of sharing happiness

The term “ARK” means “Acts of Random Kindness.” An initiative to give back to the community by sharing happiness to random people.  The intent was to share kindness with random people in Lagos, Nigeria; a better way to give back to the community.  Out of the desire to create an opportunity for volunteers to be a part of the project we went all out with creating world-class branding and a Proressive Web App (website) for the project. The project was held on Wednesday, 12th December 2018.


Communications formed the baseline for engagement and accountability on the project. It was an explicit form of communications that was conversational and relatable. We created a voice for the general public and for volunteers to contribute on the website and across social media platforms. We had a total of seventy volunteers; who all got branded shirts for the project. We shaped an opportunity that was emotive and full of stories. Every detail including numbers, tweets, images and locations were communicated. We created a voice, tone and message of love that connected with the audience.

Details and instructions concerning ARK were also communicated to the public and shared via our social media channels.

Picking the right look and colors

To instantly connect with volunteers and the public, we decided to leverage Cregital’s brand colors due to its already well known identity. 

The parent color palette was extended to include other secondary colors that would accentuate the brand. The typeface was also intentionally chosen with the aim of having a simple yet memorable brand identity.  

Building a Progressive Web App

We conceptualized different ideas for the ARK website layout and finally went with the one that best suited the purpose. The Cregital team worked together to create the award winning one page website. The website complemented the project with its design, layout, colors, illustrations, and overall experience. The aesthetics gave meaning to the messaging on the website about ARK, the connection created through them were evident.

The website was designed, coded and tested in three days. It had a touch of friendly animated characters and a unique contact form design. It was a light weight design with dark and light mode and natural language forms. Visitors easily contributed their ideas, joined to become volunteers and also connected to the projects social media accounts through the website. The design, creativity, usability and content of the website was unique.

Designing for transparency and performance

To help track the ARK project, an app called the “Kindness Meter App” was developed. The app had separate views for volunteers and the public. The volunteer view is a mobile first PWA (Progressive Web App) that allowed volunteers in different locations to enter and submit the number of people impacted and the acts they demonstrated. The app was built in such a way that took into consideration poor network areas so that details entered were stored in the browser cache and synced online automatically when in an area with good network coverage. The other view meant for the public showed the aggregate number of acts that had been carried out across the different locations.

A Twitter feed was also integrated so that the ARKs entered on the kindness app were automatically tweeted. It also had a section that featured a live Instagram feed of posts with the #arkcregital hashtag.

The end result was that the app made accountability easier and ensured the success of the project.

Impact & Milestones

We exceeded our goals.

We had an initial target of showing kindness to 1000 people and later increased it to 5000. We finally impacted 5236 people. This is an aggregate of the number of people impacted in different locations by our volunteers.

We had teams at Mushin, Oshodi, VI/Lekki, Lagos Island, Ikeja, Ojota, Ketu, Orile, Festac, Berger and Surulere who shared kindness by impacting the lives of random people in BRT parks, construction sites, bus stops, shops, roadsides, restaurants, markets, hawkers and of course, school children. ARKs were in both monetary and non-monetary forms; this included cash, food items, gifts, hugs and other awesome ideas volunteers came up with on the fly.

“This is one cause that has my commitment. I saw humanity in a completely different form. Some folks had a not so good countenance but with just a simple act of random kindness, their day was literally made. This is a wakeup call for us all.”

Awards & Recognition

We received impressive feedbacks on the ARK website. The website (ark.cregital.com) bagged most loved at @one_page_love – The ultimate showcase of One Page websites.  One Page website design gallery showcases the best Single Page websites with amazing user interface and experience. The best features of our website include the dark and light mode, natural language forms, friendly animated illustrations all in SVG and a light weight design.

We were also nominated on AWWWARDS, a Mobile Excellence Award recognized by Google that celebrates work which puts users first, whilst bridging great design with pure performance. It recognizes hard work and aims to raise the standards of the mobile web, allowing people to have a superior experience anytime, anywhere. We also earned an honorable mention for the excellence in design, talent and execution. 

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