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Healthy Eating Little People


Nutrition for Healthy Eating Little People

UI / UX Design

Childhood nutrition is critical

H.E.L.P (Healthy Eating Little People) is a Lagos-based organization aiming to revolutionize the way parents feed their families and maintain the wellness of their kids through healthy nutrition. The founder, Lola Ajiloa, is a nutrition coach and a mother of two. At her first child birth, Lola realized that the food most mothers rely on are refined, processed, lack adequate nutrition and most work against the natural body of a child. This challenge made Lola and her loving husband realize that the average child needs H.E.L.P.

Collaboration is key

Our task was straight-forward; to deliver a website that evokes their emotion and passion to cater for children. The styling was seamless, our choice of colour was inspired by their existing logo which resonates with the brand’s purpose.

At an early stage, we understood the website will be educational and entertaining. H.E.L.P also wanted parents to easily purchase cooking utensils and feeding bottles on the new website. We were able to incorporate a simple e-commerce system. We also ensured parents can takes courses on food and nutrition, leveraging on a blog system.

A yummy outcome

From the start, we had a general idea for what we wanted to achieve. We introduced Nunito, a well balanced sans serif typeface, to complement the logo. We customized icons that are unique and appropriate to the subject matter. Doodles were introduced where necessary.

Parenthood involves juggling a career and raising children, therefore, our design team built a site that works wherever you are, so you have a great experience at any point of your hustle. Lola was excited when we invited her for a photoshoot but more importantly, herself and her team were overwhelmed by how we were able to communicate their values using relatable visualizations.

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