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Designing an airtime payment solution for digital content providers​

Branding · UI / UX Design · Web Development

Card payment baffles majority

Monapay is an airtime payment platform owned by Maliyo Games, a Nigerian based company creating casual mobile games to share the experiences of everyday Africans. When the Maliyo team approached us, they discussed the reason why they needed an airtime payment platform and it was coherent; their mobile game users were reluctant to enter credit card information, which was necessary to use their services.

Challenging our process

The first task for us was to come up with a name and brand direction for Maliyo’s awesome idea. We were excited to have a brainstorming session in-house, knowing fully well that the product needs a mascot and an identity so simple it is relatable within the twinkle of an eye.

During the naming process, we considered several options; Airpay, Paymona and Payleto, while checking out available domain names and social handles. “Paymona” seemed appropriate with the intention to have a mascot that would be called “Mona”. We had a presentation session with the client and the result was a reverse of the original name “Monapay” which sounds perfect and easy to recall.

Brands are created in the mind

The inspiration for Mona was drawn from a young-spirited African lady who is also ‘Fearless’. These details, put together, added clarity to the look and persona of the mascot. Mona was, however, illustrated to portray a smart, creative, tech entrepreneur that would motivate young people in fintech.

Once the identity for “Mona” was approved, we moved on to animate an explainer video that communicated the ease and convenience Monapay provides. Mona was the focus of the video and her appearance was to help viewers understand the benefits of the product.

Good iconography conveys invisible reality

We understood we were dealing with a youthful brand. This was considered when customizing the icons for Monapay. The selected colour palette, hex codes and typefaces were also deliberate. We got a positive feedback on the brand direction and this helped us move on to designing the website with specific visual simplifications.

The results surpassed Maliyo’s expectations. We were able to bring life into their idea, an airtime payment platform that was only imaginary. We successfully created a youthful mascot, timeless logo, simplified app screens and an adaptive website, tested to convey the ease of payment.

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