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Transforming co-operatives for over 20 million West Africans.​

Branding · UI / UX Design · Web Development

Plan, Save and Invest

Riby is carving a niche in the fintech space by providing smart, customized solutions that help people of various financial strengths to securely manage and improve their finances by leveraging on the power of collaboration. Riby’s unique value proposition guarantees access to financial services and better financial management.

Effective branding inspires trust

Before reaching out to us, Riby had been in operations acquiring nearly 400,000 customers. In spite of this success, the founding team had a more sustaining goal; to build a system that will be used by millions of users across West Africa. To achieve this, they needed to discard their old logo for a fresher design and identity people would trust.

We were to deliver a new logo, website, app screens and also ensure all their product dashboards have a consistent visual representation. We adopted a new brand system for Riby that leverages a unique and comforting color palette, shield mark and a styled “R” rooted to cut through the shield to represent a transparent, secure and accessible brand.

Design in the absence of content is a decoration

After we completed the brand identity and strategy, we moved on to UI and UX discovery, bearing in mind that Riby’s content needed the website to market their brand as one who provides financial guide for the growth of individuals and businesses.

To convey the right emotions, we studied the interfaces of major financial institutions and banks. We discovered most institutions adopt a clean layout, conveying their story in the simplest possible way. This led our team to develop a website whose content is uncluttered, using good images and a responsive design.

User Analytics for everyone

We created a unified dashboard system for all Riby products. At this stage, features and functionalities were prioritized over beauty.  After an exhaustive research, we extended the tech-forward experience to mobile app screens demonstrating the identity’s full range of expression.

As the design evolved, we ensured the overall result was not just a memorable logo that inspires trust but also a seamless user experience and dashboard system that is more accessible and useful to users across Africa, including the next million.

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