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Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank

A better digital experience for one of Africa's largest commercial banks.

UI / UX Design · Web Development

Redesigned for users in Nigeria, Gambia and Sierra Leone

Zenith Bank is one of the largest commercial banks in Africa. Since they launched in May 1990, they’ve thrived on strong values of professionalism and service excellence which are the foundations upon which the bank was built. We partnered with Zenith to rebuild a modern and functional website by completely restructuring the layout, thereby creating an innovative design that strengthens their brand’s positioning.

Research, data driven responsive design

We conducted several brainstorming and research sessions to analyze the existing website challenges. We identified the best practiced interface solutions adopted by similar financial institutions. This enabled us to achieve a data driven design while maintaining brand consistency.
 The principles of responsive and adaptive design were combined to create a user friendly experience compatible across multiple devices.

We optimized readability by balancing text content with images for better presentation. A unique parallax styling was created for the homepage, which is a scrolling technique that improves the user experience. We went a step further to carefully customize icons and used HD images, keeping the average customer in mind.

Every detail counts

We designed the homepage, and other key pages, providing simple options. For every experience, feature or detail, we asked ourselves: “Do you think this is necessary?”, “How will it look on mobile?”. Positioning the Zenith logo on the right was a deliberate move to stay consistent with their brand identity as well as to provide the best position for an internet banking CTA which is one of the most visited pages. Through research and discovery, we pinned down the site information architecture, designing a responsive experience that fit within the new brand aesthetic.


Images are very critical to web design. On the website, we had a blend of real photography and stock photos. On some of the numerous trips to Zenith, we seized some opportunities to take pictures of their ATM cards, POS machines, awards, and their office building.

Better User Experience

Zenith Bank now has an online presence that is customer-focused, modern and in line with their values. The website appear more social and also connects emotionally with customers. Our efforts in redesigning the website has improved its traffic. According to statistics, SEO has improved, the bounce rate has reduced to 24.20%, and the time on site is an average of 4:26 because of carefully linked content on every page.

Since launch, the website has received impressive feedback, both from BCB and the local communities. Customers appreciate the enhanced user experience and a mobile site that allows for easy, fast location search. Due to the successful nature of the working relationship between Cregital and Zenith Bank now, we have redesigned the website of their correspondent banks in Gambia, Sierra Leone and we are preparing to take up UK.

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